Sarah Baskerville Hello there

Where you can find me on the inter webs:

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A little more about me:

Hi, what did you want to know?

A little bit more about you?

I was born and raised in Dundee. Went to Dundee University (BSc Hons Chemistry & Environmental Science), then onto Nottingham University (MSc Environmental Science). Lived a bit in Kegworth, Manchester and London. Now living in Hertfordshire, working in London and still have a Scottish accent. I'm learning to live with some visible and non-visible disabilities, only recently being diagnosed with Autisim Spectrum Disorder. It's certainly an interesting journey to be on at this stage in my life!

What do you do now?

Professionally, I'm currently working as Technical Assurance on the Future of Shared Services, for the Department for Transport. It's a 4 year programme to upgrade and transform our current on premise SAP ERP ECC6 system to SAP S/4 Hana (OnPrem) and SAP/non SAP SaaS solutions. To provide DfT with a modern ERP solution for HR, Finance and Commercials. I'm working with SAP Consultants, Insight (Design Partner), Arvato (Build Partner) and Civil Servants on delivering this ambitious programme.

And outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy catching up with my friends on and off-line, down the pub or in a nice wee restaurant. My partner makes me watch foreign crime dramas and I’m lucky to have some lovely friends and a partner who puts up with my geek tendencies.

Geek tendencies?

Yeah, I'm a wee a bit partial to Sci-Fi ;-), but I also love what data can do. Big Data, Open Data, Data visualisations. I love how the Internet has changed how we live, work, think and am great believer in net neutrality. Digital Disruption is the way forward.

What else do you like doing?

Before COVID, Tim and I loved travelling. Whether it be a wee long weekend break, or a longer stay around Europe. Have totally fallen in love with Europe. Travelling is sometimes difficult since my accident. Back in July 2017 I broke my right foot giving myself a rare, but serious Lisfranc Fracture. This left me with mobility issues, but had also triggered a rare neuthopathic pain disorder, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my right foot and leg. Unfortunately this leaves me in crippling pain with every step, it can be triggered with something as simple as a temperature change or knock onto the skin. Unfortunately there's no cure. This is a lifelong condition that has left me disabled.

Ah, okay. What if I want to ask something that isn't answered here?

No problem. Drop me an email, or contact me via Twitter, Discord or via this website.