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    • Let us know re the bunting: my girlfriend Susie is keen to do it for us & she has some ideas. I can help on Saturday: am around all day. Will visit Sunday, too, but will be entertaining future in-laws as well. Will bring them along!

    • That’s brill. @amandaculleysculley72 was also looking to help with bunting and a table cloth for our wee table that we will be hosting the tweetup at – drop her a line here/PM her, or tweet her (@scully72) to organise 🙂

    • Hi, I was going to try to get twitter blue coloured material and was thinking about cutting out some twitter birds to have on the bunting. That said I have no idea how hard that will be… I will try to get to the shops tomorrow lunch time and see if I can get some suitable material!! If not it will just be normal bunting! Welcome to have a making bunting evening this week??!?!