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    Okay folks, so the consensus from last nights gathering is that you are all fired up to do a RickyTweetUp at the Festival. And now we need to start organising it!

    I’ve mailed @Nina to get more detail and here’s our starter for 10:

    – We will have a “table” close to the Owlsworld tent – so @Amanda, bunting for the table would be grand!
    – We’ll need to bring our own chairs if we want a seat (strongly advise you to!)
    – What time do we need to get there? – Friday evening if possible – there will be an informal β€˜soiree’ from 6 till 8pm on the Friday. If we can set up by the time it starts that would be great – if not by 10 ish on Saturday morning. David Gauke is coming to the marquee at 10.30am on Saturday.
    – We’ve got the table for both days of the festival, so who can manage to pop down what what days?
    – Will there be power there? Yes, so it looks like we can keep our power hungry devices charged. Does anyone have a spare gangway they could bring along as I suspect there will be more than one of us trying to charge up our devices at the same time!
    – I’ve designed a flyer giving details of RickyTweetUp which I’ll get printed and also got some moocards for displaying on the table and for handing out to those interested in coming to future RickyTweetUps! But it would be fab if someone could print the flyer A4/A3 size and laminate it so we can display it more prominently on the table – can anyone help me with this?

    Grateful for feedback πŸ™‚

    • Hi there, I could do some A4 laminates for you if that’s helpful? Can’t manage A3 tho I’m afraid. Will be down there Friday. Can email it to me at πŸ™‚

    • That would be fantastic!! I’ll pop you an email asap with the flyer design πŸ™‚

    • Happy to attempt to make some bunting – never done it but how hard can it be???! #preparefor adisaster! Any idea how big the stand is? Ie how much I need to make. I’m happy to help set it up on Friday.
      I can be on the stall on sat morning – cant make Sunday.
      If we have got power can you get the Eurovision on in the evening?!?

    • By the way, do we want a colour theme for the butting? And maybe a table cloth!? Tweeter blue? , am I getting a bit too carried away with this?!

    • I have no idea how hard bunting could be, I tend to keep clear of all things fabric as that’s usually a disaster zone for me! We are going to be inside the Chambers Marquee tent, so we’ll have a table which will be excellent for a blue table cloth! And if you had a Tweeter Blue one even better :). @Seanhannam is also offering the services of his girlfriend for bunting – so perhaps the two of you between one another can sort out the bunting/table cloth!

      As for power, now that’s an idea about Eurovision! But, I reckon the tents/stalls where we will be, may be closed by Eurovision time so either it’s find another spot to watch it or stagger on home to catch it on the TV!

    • Here’s the thread @seanhannam where Amanda was asking about bunting!

    • Got some blue material for bunting. Will give it a go and will let you know how it goes – wish me luck!
      I’ve also sorted table cloth.