OMG! Happy Birthday to #RickyTweetUp

OMG! RickyTweetUp is 1yr old

Isn’t it just amazing how time just flies by?

I was looking back over my calendar and realised that come the 7th of February, @RickyTweetUp will officially be one year old! I had to do a double take, but after counting down the days it was confirmed. We are officially a year old next week!

I’m totally amazed and chuffed.  Something as random as a Twitter conversation between a few people on-line, who had never met before has sparked off a whole new chapter to life in Rickmansworth. Using the medium of Social Media, folks connected and engaged online and then we dared to make the leap and connect up off-line. Choosing of course the tried and tested tradition of local alehouse to hold a #RickyTweetUp.

And guess what?

I think it worked. We spoke to one another online, and when we met in the pub the conversation just continued offline where we left it online. Friendships were forged, a hardcore of regular tweeters and attendees started coming to #RickyTweetUps – but more importantly, the tweet ups remained open and exclusive to anyone and everyone. Every time we held a tweet up there were always friendly new faces there and it was lovely to meet fellow interesting folks in Rickmansworth, making me realise how lovely a place like Rickmansworth is.

Our last #RickyTweetUp was back at the end October 2013 (I know! Far too long ago!) – but we are all rather busy people, with jobs and work that takes us away from home and of course the run-up to Christmas is always hectic! Hopefully now, with Christmas & Hogmanay out of the way we can get back to having more tweet ups 🙂

Here’s some pics from the last TweetUp with a mixture of old and new folks (Chris and Tomo), who joined us for their first RickyTweetUp:

When is the next RickyTweetUp?

Sparkly Fairy Cake

Well you don’t have a birthday and not celebrate it, and it would be fitting to go back to where it all began.

So, calling out to all tweeters in Rickmansworth, old and new. You are all invited to RickyTweetUp’s very first Birthday Party!

Let’s crack open the bubbly and celebrate a year of new acquaintances and friendships. Hope to see you down in the Coach & Horses on Friday the 7th of Feb, from 7:30pm onwards.

RSVP here:

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