#RickyTweetUp Does #Croxfest

RickyTweetUp Does Croxfest 🙂

Oops. It’s been far, far too long since I updated this blog. It’s been a combination of work, weddings, mini-breaks, birthdays and more work getting in the way! Which doesn’t show any signs of letting up, so I’m trying to squeeze a quick update in-between all these activities 🙂

Our last #RickyTweetUp was held at Croxfest back in September. Armed with several bottles of bubbles, wine, beer, loads of picnic food, picnic blankets and picnic chairs we were ready to rock and open up the bubbly!


What can I say, the day was fantastic fun. Awesome bands – check out the Croxfest Band Line-Up – great weather, fantastic conversation, great food and drink.

We even got to meet up with @WatfordSocial and have a wee chat which was rather lovely, although I did miss out on the opportunity to meet up with Chris Ogle owing to a dodgy 3G signal.

As the day wore on a few other people dropped in for a chat and to take in the music and atmosphere. It was lovely to catch up with @laragreenway, @YforZoo and @TheSmileyShirt.

The light began to fade, the temperature dropped a wee bit;


but just before the night ended it warmed up a little bit and it was time for more dancing to be done. A lot more dancing. At one point @craigydoll was surrounded by all these young lads in the middle of a flashmob! #RickyTweetUp got flash mobbed 🙂


After Croxfest we retired to the Sportsman to sit down on a real seat after hours of dancing and picnic chairs, then homewards bound. Tired, but very, very happy.

A lovely RickyTweetUp indeed.

The next one will be on Wednesday the 30th of October, in the Fox and Hounds. All are welcome, and please RSVP here 🙂



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