A fab RickyTweetUp BBQ!

RickyTweetUP BBQ

For a while, it looked as if the weather was conspiring against us. The wind, the rain, the drop in temperature, the seeping cold that would put any hardy BBQ lover in doubt of venturing outside to  commence the eternal battle of Man vs Fire vs charred meat.

But luckily, Mother Nature was kind and took pity on us. Bringing out the sunshine, a drop in the wind and warming up the temperature so we could brave the elements and venture outside into @DigitalMaverick’s garden for another awesome #RickyTweetUp BBQ.

A few of us (@Adriennecohen, @craigydoll, @Baskers)  met up at Waitrose before hand to grab supplies, which consisted of lettuce, beetroot, coleslaw, burgers, kebabs, chicken legs, burger rolls, wine, wine, wine, proseccoprosecco & prosecco 🙂 Then off we went to @DigitalMaverick’s all stocked up and bumped into @RickyVicar on route to the BBQ, and @Scully72 joined us soon after 🙂

We were very, very lucky and got a personal tour of the grounds in the Royal Masonic School by @DigitalMaverick, who showed us fantastic views, giving anicdotes about the School and grounds. Did you know that the school doubled up as a filming location for Indiania Jones? I didn’t until last night!

After the wee tour, we headed back to the house and started BBQ’ing as we were all rather hungry by then.

And eat we did. @RickyVicar did a magnificent job as chief BBQ chef, whilst @Craigydoll took over the vegetarian BBQ duties in the kitchen. What a feast. We even got to sample cakes baked by @RickyVicar using the eggs produced by @RickyChickens!

Fantastic company, fantastic hosting by @digtialmaverick and all and all, a fantastically relaxing evening with lovely food & drink.

Well, apart from the slug that decided it wanted to a sip of @scully72’s wine.  SLUG-GATE! That was a truly horrific moment, and obviously needed more wine to recover from the trauma of nearly supping a slug.

I’ll get the next RickyTweetUp organised asap, but I reckon we are aiming at combining the next one with Croxfest on the 7th of September up on Croxley Green. Croxfest is a free music festival, from 12 till 8pm on the green, and it would be remiss of the RickyTweetUp crew to miss out on this wonderful opportunity to have a wee RickyTweetUp picnic on the green, taking in some tunes and soaking up the festival atmosphere.

Let me know what you think, and as usual all are welcome 🙂

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