A #RickyTweetUp Hen Night

A bit late in keeping the blog up to date but that’s because it’s been a fantastically busy month of May, and I’m only now catching my breath. So, where to begin?

Let’s start with @CharlBarrett’s Hen Night back on the 10th of May. Charlotte actually got married yesterday and I’m sure all the #RickyTweetUp folk were wishing her all the best for the wedding and I think even the weather held out. I hope she had a lovely day, and that her honeymoon goes fantastically! Here’s to the beginning of married life for one of our RickyTweetUp regulars 🙂

Of course, before the wedding there was a wee impromptu #RickyTweetUp Hen night, which kicked off in the Feathers, Friday the 10th of May


Tim, Amanda, Charlotte, Lara & Amanda – dressing the Hen in the Feathers

And yes, no Hen night would be complete without the Hen being dressed up. Lara did us proud in ensuring that all the appropriate Hen gear was brought down to the pub to adorn Charlotte – the Feather Boa, Handcuffs, Veil, L plate….  GENIUS. With the Hen outfit fully deployed off we went to Maurzio’s for some hen night pizza and to help soak up the wine.

Pizza & Wine demolished then it was off to the Fox & Hounds for post dinner drinks where we bump into Sean which was an extra Brucey bonus point, before heading back to the Feathers to finish off the night with what seemed like a good idea at the time, Tequlia – but on reflection waking up the next morning… perhaps not such a good idea.

Still an excellent combined #RickyTweetUp & Hen night though… and an agreement to hold a #RickyTweetUp at the Rickmansworth Festival, but more about that in the next blog post!

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