RickyTweetUp came about after a few folk in Rickmansworth who were active on Twitter and often tweeted about things happening in Rickmansworth and the surrounding areas decided to meet up in the flesh, and hence forth #RickyTweetUp was born.

It’s open to anyone and everyone.

We meet up around once a month for face to face discussions in a local venue, a pub, a coffee shop etc… anywhere we can arrange it! Follow @RickyTweetUp and check out #RickyTweetUp for information.

What do we do at a RickyTweetUp?

Well, what do you do when you meet up with folks? We have a beer, or coffee and just chat about life in general, the weather, what we are working on, what’s happening locally, nationally – anything really. It’s bringing twitter to life and making it 3D – forging on and offline connections with new folks and hopefully new friendships as well.

We are often told that living on-line means being isolated and lonely, that no-one talks to one another. It doesn’t need to be that way as RickyTweetUp is showing. We are using online tools to forge offline relationships and hopefully build stronger local communities.

This place on the internet came about as sometimes you just can’t fit what you want to say into 140 characters. This isn’t a replacement for Twitter, just a place were sometimes we may wish to carry on the discussion if it’s too crowded or busy in Twitter.

Become part of our community today 🙂

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