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A little bit more about me:

    Hi, what did you want to know?

    A little bit more about you?

    I was born and raised in Dundee. Went to Dundee University (BSc Hons Chemistry & Environmental Science), then onto Nottingham University (MSc Environmental Science). Lived a bit in Kegworth, Manchester and London. Now living in Hertfordshire, working in London and still have a Scottish accent!

    What do you do now?

    Professionally, I'm currently working as the Head of Business Intelligence Systems, for the Department for Transport. I run a team of Civil Servants & Contractors managing the SAP BPC System and interface file management with the Shared Services ERP providers in Wales, and HM Treasury's OSCAR System.

    And outside of work?

    Outside of work, I organise UKGovcamp, Teacamp, and run @RickyTweetUp. I enjoy catching up with my friends on and off-line down the pub or in a nice wee restaraunt. My partner makes me watch foreign crime dramas and I’m lucky to have some lovely friends and a partner who put up with my geek tendancies.

    Geek tendancies?

    Yeah, I am a bit partial to Sci-Fi ;-), but I also love what data can do. Big Data, Open Data, Data visualisations. I love how the Internet has changed how we live, work, think and am great believer in net neutrality. We have laws, policies and tax systems that were built in a time when digital didn't exist. Policy and Law makers need to rethink how society operates in a gloabaly connected switched on world. Digital Disruption isn't going away.

    Ah, okay. What if I want to ask something that isn't answered here?

    No problem. Drop me an email, or contact me via Twitter, G+ etc.